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Top down asset pack in a ninja theme, contains art, animations, fonts, SFX and musics.

The pack is free but you can purchase the supporter edition.

If you want to see futur updates, consider adding a donation. When the goal is reached we will update the pack with new assets. Give your feedback in the comments about current assets but also ideas of what you want to see.

At the moment the supporter edition is the same as the free pack. We may add some of the new assets exclusively in the supporter edition to thank donors.

The pack contains:

  • 30+ Characters with animations and faceset
  • 20+ Monster with animations
  • 4 Bosses with animations
  • 30+ Items
  •  Tilesets ( Floor autotilling, exterior and interior element etc ) 
  • 20+ Sound effect
  • 25 Music
  • Some GUI element
  • 30+ visual effect
  • 2 Font

Godot project:

The godot project is available for download

if you don't know Godot Engine, it's a free and open source game creation software, you can download it here:  Godot Engine


They are released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

You can use any and all of the assets found in this package in your own games,
even commercial ones. Attribution is not required but appreciated.
Placing a link to somewhere would be awesome :)


Made by Pixel-Boy and AAA

Support us on patreon


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Click download now to get access to the following files: 37 MB
NinjaAdventure(SupporterEdition).zip 37 MB 8 MB

Development log


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Perfect pack! I don't understand why there are so few contributors, send him/her some dollars!

Thanks <3

It's one of the best asset packs out there. It's awesome that you made it free, couldn't contribute much but I hope it helps you get towards your goal. 

Thanks, your contribution is appreciated!

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Hi! Amazing asset with beautiful art!

I'm creating a 2D RPG Course in Spanish, and I wanted to ask you if it is possible for me to use your Asset. Also, I will show attribution inside the course.


Yep sure, thanks to you!


Amazing! I'll use it for my first game<3

Thanks, don't hesitate to tell me if certain assets are missing!


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Hi! Can I create open source game with this asset pack and publish it on GitHub? Of course I'll specify that all graphics is made by you and released under CC0 license.

Hey, yes you can!

Thanks! I'll post link here if I manage to finish it :)


Fantastic sprite pack!! Usually don't see packs with so many different characters, enemies, and bosses. Definitely intend to use this pack in a game jam at some point and I'll comment the results here.

Thank you!

es muy bueno, por el momento no tengo mucha experiencia con juegos y quiero hacer uno, tambien en godot, ten por seguro que te donare en cuanto pueda y te dare creditos


Thanks and good luck with your project!


Great pack! Have been using parts of this for my Godot RPG game. Really like the terrain auto tiles as well as the buildings/environment. Can't wait to see future updates!


Thank you! Feel free to suggest additional content ideas that would interest you


i love it

Thanks, glad you like it!


I love these assets. I’m making an RPG with GBStudio using these:

Cool game project! The fights are difficult but overall it's promising.

Glad you like the assets and funny to see them in black and white ^^ we'll be adding new content soon, please let us know if there is something you might find useful.

Thanks for checking it out! The trick is to find each enemy’s weakness (based on the action you choose vs what they did). If you can make them vulnerable you’ll take them out in one hit! 

Tried to replicate the danger of a real duel- each fight could be your last!

Aaah I finally tried again and I was able to finish the demo, I had tried defense but I did not understand that it could be so useful, maybe you should have made it clearer at the start ? Anyway the concept of combat is interesting, I'm curious to see the different possible variations, and a little more challenging fights, overall the demo was really cool!

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Thanks! In the full game there will definitely be more of an introduction to the mechanics; since the demo is really short/easy once you figure out the twist, I left it to the player to learn from trial/error to sort of extend the demo's longevity. There's the Tanuki Tip that mentions defense but I think that's a little further into the island.

Definitely have a lot of enemy variation planned once you get off the demo island!
This game would never have been possible without this asset pack so I really appreciate you giving it a try!


literally amazing! 

Thank you!


lovely work!



Using this to see if I can create a gameboy game, the 16x16 works really well for that. Really cool pack! Thanks!

Thank you for using it! The game boy color rendering works great ^^


Hey man really cool asset pack.

I will use this for my tutorial series. :D

There is just one problem

In the character and monster animations,

It's quite difficult to distinguish between the different animations(run walk etc)

Would have been cool if you separated up the sprites into individual animations.

Great asset pack anyways.

One of the best I have seen :)

Thank you! we separated the animations in the last update

thank you :D


I might try this out on my computer


Man, this asset pack is great for sure! I really love it. I want to use it in my Wowie Jam 3.0 jam game.

Thanks, send me a link if you use it, I would be happy to see the game ^^

I will indeed! I like that the pack contains everything you'd need for a small game: tileset, animated characters, UI icons - even item icons and a font! It's indeed an ASSET.

Also, is there a way I can contact you? Maybe, via e-mail or Discord?

Hey there again! Since you asked, I'm sending you the link to the project:

I hope you'll enjoy it!

Thanks! I could test and it was cool, the gameplay with the bow is good, death buffs don't give any combat bonus right?

Right, they don't. I thought of adding purchasable buffs of a duration of one life but didn't have the time to implement and balance it.


Omg such a incredible asset pack! How log u have been working on this! I just love it, really polished and complete. Contratulations man!


Thank you!


These are beautiful! Thank you :D



Only a lil towards the goal, buuut hopefully helps a bit haha. Glad to support too aaand keep up the great work.


Thanks! It definitely helps ^^


Holy hell, a few hours later and the goals over half way haha. Noice.