A downloadable game for Windows

It's just the demo version, full game will be available later !

The game

Welcome to The Station, Before starting our new job you'll take the ( strange ) test of sergeant Doug in the city's sewers ! You'll discover members of the Station, capture creatures and fight the dark foggies with them, find some secrets and more !

The station demo is a little adventure, something like the tutorial part of the full game, a good overview of what can be the full version.

Controls :

  • Arrow keys or WASD
  • G to Shoot
  • H to use Capture Wand
  • J to use the Teleporter

The game can be played with a gamepad



Thanks to my brothers, @elisee , @adventurjourney and @Noiracide for their help !

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, free, french, GameMaker, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


The Station.zip 7 MB


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nooooo this game is dead

i really was waiting for this game to fully release since i was 10. i'm 13 now :(

I still hope to pick it up again one day, probably in an improved version, maybe in a few years!


pleeeaaase release the full game i cant wait any longer ;

Please finish this game. It's so good!

looks great but i have Llinux 


The full version should be available on Linux, however it's not planned for now ^^

no problem


I love it the movement feels so smooth, the pets are so cute and i like how they evolve like Pokémon. The only issue I have is a flickering effect on my screen but I think it is an issue with gamemaker’s v-sync. But other than that i love the colours and the final battle scene (It is really intense).

Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked it!

This game really haves potential to be a full game! i really like the mechanics, specially the leveling up one, it reminds me of cave story. i also love the art style is so well done! i hope this gets fully completed


Thanks, glad you're like it, I'm a big fan of Cave Story Haha, the full version is still planned even if for the moment we are working on other projects!


Please did MacOS version, looking really interesting! I want to buy it ( O_O)b


man this game is amazing, how I can buy the complete version and the anime series of the station ? :) 

Ps : You have a course that teach made awesome games like that ?

Ps2: I here because i liked one of your pixel arts in pinterest and i know nothing from this site and stuff, so.... sorry for be weird  rsrs.



Thank you for your comment ! The full game is currently paused and TV series is not expected even if it might be nice I guess Haha

I don't have course to make this kind of game, it includes a certain number of things, the demo is made with Game maker Studio but we plan to bring the full game on Godot Engine and the pixel art is made with Aseprite, if you are interested in creating games of this kind I advise you to choose an engine, watch some tutorial and get started !

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thanks man. I will follow your steps. I already follow you in yotube. I will search for tutorials about gamemaker studio. Your style of drawing,game desing, and all about this specific game just touch my heart. Your team give me a taste of a fusion of childhood and ghibili felling playing this game. So thanks A LOT !  You guys have Instagram ? 


this is amazing! about time a game don't caught my attention like this one..

Thank you, glad to hear that ^^

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i hope you release this for mac also, looks amazing!

Thanks, yes it should be available on mac !

I [and I cant stress this enough] LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH

Thank you ^^


Thanks !

Loved it! I hope a longer version comes out. 

+++ Tons of personality and juice
+++ Loved my dragon doggo boy

+++Harder than expected, but good!

Thanks for your feedback, glad you liked the game !

It's Great 

Thank you !

I thought that the game was pretty solid even for a demo and I am looking forward to seeing what more the game has to offer. I featured the game in my Indie Game Showcase. 

Thanks for the video, glad you like the game !

Just a suggestion for next Station is it ok if we don't have to find the monsters every time and have some sort of day care?

what palette was used just intrested

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no particular palette


Great game!


Thanks !

i like it ! great game :) 

Thanks !

excited to see where this goes. reminds me of pokemon and cave story.

Hehe thanks, yep it's probably the 2 biggest influence in this game :D

ha i finally won the game! and found all secrets the plant dude is the most powerful

overtov is toooo hard for me givin me nightmares tho nice game

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2h playing for this, i really like the game (my favorite creature is the purple rhino, is the best)

Hehe cool glad to see you've  try all creatures !

howdy get the other creatures?


oh thanks man I was able to find that tho from like 2 days after the post i a made thnx!

ugh i found them all except for the grey one

Omg I really like this.  Obviously has some strong influences but it's really able to create its own identity.  I especially love all the creatures; they have so much charm in them.  My main criticisms are that the camera seems a bit overly quick in movement and that the wand mechanic seems underutilized, but neither of those were gamebreaking by any means.

Are you still working on this project?  I don't want to put any pressure on you though, it's still a really great standalone demo.

Thank you  ! I take note about the camera and wand, I currently  work on an other game (The Mind Sword ) , I'll return on The Station after this one, it will take some time to finish but yeah I really want to finish it :)

Oh yeah I saw that on your Twitter and it looks super cool too!  I'm excited for both!

yah the mind sword looks cool

So much fun. My kids and I really enjoyed it!

By the way, it works fine on macOS via Wine.

Looking forward to the full game someday!

Thanks man ! Really glad than you and your kids appreciate the game, and good to know it can run on macOS :)

love style and gameplay!

Thanks glad you like it :)

ok now i found 3 yeah

it have 3 secrets andI found one at the selection of 3 creatures, on the upper left corner, behind the tree there is a path where there will be another creature firing a laser beam. good luck ( my english is bad )

Love it!

This was soo enjoyable! The art style is amazing and the game mechanics are really fun. I cannot wait to hear when there will be more content, game is gonna be great. My favorite part was going back through and trying out the different creatures and trying to find all the secrets. Loved this game!

Thanks for the feedback man glad you like it !

The music sounds like Pixel! :D

The Cave Story one

Only 15 minutes in and I'm already under the game's spell. It's unbelievably charming. Can't wait for the full release!

Thanks man :)

this game its so good i want buy

Thanks !

FYI - "It's just the demo version, full game will be avalaible later !" (available)

oops thanks

For some unknown reason... My computer didnt want to run it.

i really loved your demo, i got 2/3 secrets and my monster reached Level 3! (i kept the "punchy" one)

Hope to see more of this soon, i will be waiting :-D


Nice job and thanks glad you like it :D

Deleted post

Really awesome video thanks, I enjoyed a lot to watch it, glad you like the game and thanks for the feedback :)

Deleted post

Great demo, I really loved the art style, character design, and sound design. Also the leveling up your weapon/character mechanic was pretty fun to see.

In terms of criticism I would say the main thing is that the mechanics felt a bit disjointed in terms of presentation and story. I guess this could be fixed by further explanation in the plot but I wasn't sure why I was a station officer in training and how that had to do with collecting monsters with a wand to use as weapons. It's a cool mechanic but maybe tying it more with the setting could help.

Also at times the combat felt a bit dry, especially because there is an incentive to clear out all the enemies, and some enemies don't really do anything (the shadow guys just stand in a place and emit dark splatter for example).

I would like to see this project again in the future though! :)

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