A downloadable game for Windows

It's just the demo version, full game will be available later !

The game

Welcome to The Station, Before starting our new job you'll take the ( strange ) test of sergeant Doug in the city's sewers ! You'll discover members of the Station, capture creatures and fight the dark foggies with them, find some secrets and more !

The station demo is a little adventure, something like the tutorial part of the full game, a good overview of what can be the full version.

Controls :

  • Arrow keys or WASD
  • G to Shoot
  • H to use Capture Wand
  • J to use the Teleporter

The game can be played with a gamepad



Thanks to my brothers, @elisee , @adventurjourney and @Noiracide for their help !


The Station.zip (7 MB)


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Love it!

This was soo enjoyable! The art style is amazing and the game mechanics are really fun. I cannot wait to hear when there will be more content, game is gonna be great. My favorite part was going back through and trying out the different creatures and trying to find all the secrets. Loved this game!

Thanks for the feedback man glad you like it !

The music sounds like Pixel! :D

The Cave Story one

Only 15 minutes in and I'm already under the game's spell. It's unbelievably charming. Can't wait for the full release!

Thanks man :)

this game its so good i want buy

Thanks !

FYI - "It's just the demo version, full game will be avalaible later !" (available)

oops thanks

For some unknown reason... My computer didnt want to run it.

i really loved your demo, i got 2/3 secrets and my monster reached Level 3! (i kept the "punchy" one)

Hope to see more of this soon, i will be waiting :-D


Nice job and thanks glad you like it :D


I give your game three thumbs up. Two were mine and the other I found. I enjoyed your demo very much, and I look forward to the games full release.

Really awesome video thanks, I enjoyed a lot to watch it, glad you like the game and thanks for the feedback :)

I'm glad you liked it too. I was happy to try your game out. Please consider contacting me with updates.

My viewers offer feedback on my channel on the games I play. Also, I know your fellow developers would love to hear your opinion on their games too.

Great demo, I really loved the art style, character design, and sound design. Also the leveling up your weapon/character mechanic was pretty fun to see.

In terms of criticism I would say the main thing is that the mechanics felt a bit disjointed in terms of presentation and story. I guess this could be fixed by further explanation in the plot but I wasn't sure why I was a station officer in training and how that had to do with collecting monsters with a wand to use as weapons. It's a cool mechanic but maybe tying it more with the setting could help.

Also at times the combat felt a bit dry, especially because there is an incentive to clear out all the enemies, and some enemies don't really do anything (the shadow guys just stand in a place and emit dark splatter for example).

I would like to see this project again in the future though! :)

Lovely game. Very cute. Great graphics. One complaint: Pressing start to pause, then start to unpause on a controller quits the game.

Thanks ! yep I need to fix this stupid thing, thanks for the feedback !

(Edited 1 time)

I really enjoyed the heck out of this demo. The wand was a fun mechanic and just the right amount of challenging in certain places. (I was playing with a controller so maybe it was more floaty than intended, but the challenge was fun) It took me a while to figure out how to beat the boss but once I did I couldn't stop smiling. I've played it a few times since then and oddly enough, never noticed the text that said there were three secrets to be found in the demo so I went back in for more fun searching. I've found two it I can't find the third one. There's a suspicious sewer wall/grate but even my wand won't last too long out there so I don't think it's a speed accuracy thing. But I really like this and look forward to a full game some day. yay.

update. FOUND THE THIRD SECRET. heart jar was what I was missing. yay! this got me to come back to it a lot.

Hehe nice job :D thanks for the feeback and glad you enjoyed it !



10/10 1/10

Git Gud lol

This game is reeeally polished and good for a demo. The cool charming artstyle and gameplay mixes together perfectly. Its like pokemon ranger meets secret of mana and am liking it. My only criticism is the puzzles. The switch mechanic puzzle could get repetitive so adding more puzzles would be good. You could hopefully add more creatures. There are so many shooting styles you could use. Hopefully more boss fights too but anyway this game has a lot of potential and am looking forward to the next release. OH. Will the other versions down the line and the full version be free?

Thanks ! I was no sure if I need to put more effort on the puzzle part or fighting part, but you're right, puzzle are too repetitive, I have some ideas for the full game but I need to think more to find other puzzles :)

Short gameplay with audio:

Very hard it'd say. Can't survive with so few hearts to collect :)

Thanks again ! I'll probably reduce difficulty for the full game, thanks for the feedback :)

Suuuuper cute! I loved the character designs a lot and the combat was really fun, especially during the boss fight at the end. I think the teleport gun loans itself really well to making interesting puzzles and bosses.

As for some criticism, the controls felt kind of cramped on my keyboard. I wish they were more spread out. Also, I think it'd be nice to have health drops last a little while longer before disappearing. It wasn't too bad, there were just a couple of times where enemies blocked health, and in defeating them, the health disappeared.

I'm looking forward to more!

Thank you ! Teleporter was just here to travel quiclky at the initial idea, but use it in the gameplay seem cool so I'll probably think about that ! About controls I thinks the full game will be better, and also curve difficulty more progressive, thanks for the feedback :)

how do you open things? I got to the sewers, and it seems like u have to open the drawers there. what is the button to open stuff?

Keys are G,H and J, I need to add this infos at the start sorry !

Really charming little game, I'm curious what it will lead up to!

Just a few minor things;

-The character moves faster diagonally than he does when moving on 1 axis, feels a bit funny.

-I played with a controller, and the game shut down when I pressed start :p

-The pixel scaling was a bit weird for me, it would probably help if I could pick a resolution. I'm guessing you're using unity, I suggest rounding the camera position to the nearest pixel each frame, your art will look so much better that way :)

I'll fix this things thanks for the feedback !

Great job buddy! Really proud of you!

Hehe Thanks man !

Cute graphics, really needs audio though :)

Thanks for the video ! About the audio it's really weird, Have you try to relauncn the game ? There is audio in the game, but I already have this problem at some launch.

Thanks for the heads-up, it might be related to my firewall, which prevents any network activity by default from applications. I didn't check for individual settings and just turned it off temporarily and then sound worked.

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