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This game is amazing.

Thanks !


Excellent game!

Thank you !

This game exploits Godot's 2D power very well.

Such an amazing and beautiful game! Congratulations!


Thanks !

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This was a really cool game to play!! got a good couple hours in after i finished this video. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for the video, funny to watch !

Super jeu, très joli et très fun !

Merci !

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Je ne fais que le répéter ici : Votre jeu est super cool ! :)

Un p'tit problème que j'ai eu : Les upgrades aléatoires son bizarres. Elle ne font pas avancer la progression des upgrades ; Si je gagne au hasard l'augmentation "Bigger projectile 1" il est possible de le réavoir en shop et aussi de le regagner dans un autre upgrade aléatoire.

Yep je vois le problème, j'essayerais de fixer ça, merci pour le retour et content que ça t'ai plu !

This game is just BRILLIANT!

Thanks !

Love it! Towards the middle it felt a little bit like I was just holding shoot and walking forward, but that feeling went away by the end when the difficulty ramped up again.

Great color palette and aesthetic, too! 

Yep it was difficult with the upgrade system to have something perfectly balanced, glad you liked it !

Amazing game, the art style is beautiful, the soundtrack one of the best ones I've heard and the arcade style is pretty amazing. The difficulty is not too hard but not too easy but I wish you would add more levels or a difficulty option. 

9/10 Amazing game and absolutely worth your time.


We will think about a difficulty option, thanks !

This game is beautiful and amazing looking! I hear that you're making another game and if its in this art style, or just related to this games universe, it would make me over Moon(the best character) happy!

The only problem i have is that i cant exit the shop because when i press the cancel button it just asks if i want to buy. Ill sent screenshots if you want, but I hope that you do fix it.

Thank you ! There is no game planned with this universe but maybe Moon will be a guest in other of our game, about the shop it was the wrong text displayed, we will fix that.

thanks ; this game awesome

Thank you !

Made the last video


Thanks again for your videos, it was cool to watch !

I love the art style too. That's cool !

Thank you !


Very fun, not too hard, not too easy. Love the art style

Thanks !

Made another video

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This game is pretty fun, Though pyramid and cube are too op, they literally rekt the bosses like they were weaker than the minions. The difficulty increase from level to level was amazingly done. Overall pretty solid game for something that's free.

Plz make a battle royale game with this life=currency mechanic, though u probably wont. So good day to you folks and goodbye

If u reply that they are awful then get gud nub

Yep the balance is not perfect, about the battle royal, we are not able to make online games currently, maybe in the future, thanks for feedback !

Made a new video

This game looks really cool!! And the music too! But it's really easy to beat. The first stage can be completed by dodging all enemy bullets without firing until the boss fight. Just play the first stage and don't do anything but avoid the enemies and avoid them until the boss fight. Hope this gives you some valuable feedback!

We will try to add difficulty options, thanks !

This is pretty boss. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Thanks !

Luv the pixel art and the retro looks. Miss those classic games back in the days. :)

Thanks, glad you liked it !

This game was a really nice bullet hell game! I had fun but it was a bit too difficult at a certain point of the game which forced you to play different and just not try to kill everything. I beat the game but I just thought it was a bit too hard at mid game.

I really liked the art and the Steven universe looking character and the music! I think there was a mob psycho looking character as well? 

The shop is weird because you have to say yes to buy to exit the shop. The game also doesn't tell the player the controls.

Nice game! Worth a play!

We will try to add difficulty options, thank you for the feedback !

I really liked the game, but I found an error:

When exiting the shop, it says "Buy?" instead of asking if we are sure we want to leave.

Yes the wrong text is displayed, thank you for the feedback !

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Fantastic style and it plays so smoothly!

just fyi: After the level 5 boss dies it did stall and i couldnt go any further, i was just stuck on the boss screen with spiders coming every so often.

Other than that I really liked it.

Edit: I see someone else below had the same problem!

Sorry for the bug, it looks pretty rare but we will try to fix it, thanks for the feedback and glad you liked the game !


dang this was cool as hell! I love the cape animation


Thanks !


Hey there, great game, I really like the art style!

I found a bug on the final boss of the final level, I was stuck under a platform at the bottom of the right corner.I could not get out, nor shoot, but the enemy's projectiles could hit me.

We will fix the bug, thanks for your feedback !

Had fun with it on linux, thanks!

Thank you, glad to know that the linux version works ^^

Loved the style, and loved the chief mechanic! i beat the game (barely) on my second play-through, and i enjoyed every minute of it. I know you all are working on another game right now (which i'm very excited for!) but if you ever wanted to return to this idea, i'd love to see this Health = your Level/Attack/currency for upgrades in a multiplayer game. it would be fun to balance fighting each-other with upgrading yourself... i know its quite the band wagon but i could see this working even as a Battle Royal style game (which i don't even play) just because it would incentivize taking out opponents for their shperes and then finding Labs to upgrade yourself... 

Anyway, all that to say I really enjoyed this game and plan on going back and beating it with other characters!

About the battle royal, we are not able to make online games currently, so not for now but maybe in the future, thanks for the feedback and glad you liked the game !

fantastic art :+1:

Thank you !


A marvellous experience! Though I ragequitted after failing the final boss :\ It is still cool tho. Diamond is da best.

I also think that the shop/lab screen is broken. When I hit V (exit the shop), it asks "Buy item", in the same manner as C (actually buy an item), and I exited a shop full of spheres four times or so, missing really viable powerups.

I stuck in this situation too. :)

Haha sorry for you, about the shop, the wrong text is displayed we will correct that, thanks !

love the aesthetic :)

Thanks !

this game is amazing and i love the whole "health is your money" gimmik, one problem on there is that on stage 5 when i was fighting the boss, i somehow glitched into the object,  forcing me to get killed by the boss.

We'll fix the problem, thank you for the feedback and glad that you liked it !

It's so coooooooool you surprise me every time i love this so much

I really enjoyed this game alot. I am a big fan of shmups and once I figured out how to play it, I played for quite a bit. My only thing is that there were no sound effects for the shooting and when you hit the enemies. Other than that the game was really awesome and I loved it. I also played this for my Indie Game Showcase and am leaving the highlight here for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for the video ! We are working on the post jam version which will add SFX and more stuff you liked this version despite the fact that it is incomplete, if you have any suggestions for the post jam do not hesitate to tell us.

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Wait these things new or something

Wait these things new or somethingAwesome game :)! Thank u pixel boy <3!!

Oh, it was not supposed to be accessible in this version, well done x)

Lol Thanks! No idea how I did it, my computers super slow :P. Congrats again this game is super underrated <3.

But all of them just have the square projectile by default X)

Loved the characters. I dig into the system tho it was a little hard to know when you get hit.
PD: I love all your games. 


Thank you, glad you like it !

Made a video


Thanks for the video !


And so our hero marches on forever, an unkillable defender against an infinite horde…


After 10 levels I'm assuming this game has no ending.


Haha yep sorry

This isn't possible to play if you don't have a numpad :(


I've upload a fixed version ( gamepad support and alternative key for player 1 )

May I suggest a better control scheme? It's completely incompatible with a laptop keyboard.

I've upload a fixed version ( gamepad support and alternative key for player 1 )

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