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Made for Ludum dare 44

Theme :  Your life is currency

Shoot 'em up in which you use your life point to buy upgrades, the game is not completely finished, there is no sounds, no end, some elements is not fully integrated, we are planning a post jam version.


  • J1 - Move : Arrow / Shoot: Numpad 1 or C / Cancel : Numpad 2 or V
  • J2  Move : WASD / Shoot : G / Cancel : H
  • Gamepad supported
  • Fullscreen : F4  


  • Coop local multiplayer 1 - 2 
  • 3 characters with their own shots
  • Several upgrades
  • Boss battle


EARTH: YEAR 2XXX, The planet is attacked by an unknown species., to defend it, the guardians of the spheres chose to attack !

Guardian Sphere is a Shoot 'em up, your life points are represented by spheres that you collect, the more you had the more you are powerful, but you can also use them to buy updgrades to your character.


PIXEL-BOY - Twitter / Tumblr

AAA - Instagram / Tumblr


Guardian Sphere EXE.rar 9 MB
Guardian Sphere LINUX.rar 11 MB
Guardian Sphere 14 MB

Development log


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I really enjoyed this game alot. I am a big fan of shmups and once I figured out how to play it, I played for quite a bit. My only thing is that there were no sound effects for the shooting and when you hit the enemies. Other than that the game was really awesome and I loved it. I also played this for my Indie Game Showcase and am leaving the highlight here for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for the video ! We are working on the post jam version which will add SFX and more stuff you liked this version despite the fact that it is incomplete, if you have any suggestions for the post jam do not hesitate to tell us.

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Wait these things new or something

Wait these things new or somethingAwesome game :)! Thank u pixel boy <3!!

Oh, it was not supposed to be accessible in this version, well done x)

Lol Thanks! No idea how I did it, my computers super slow :P. Congrats again this game is super underrated <3.

But all of them just have the square projectile by default X)

Loved the characters. I dig into the system tho it was a little hard to know when you get hit.
PD: I love all your games. 


Thank you, glad you like it !

Made a video


Thanks for the video !


And so our hero marches on forever, an unkillable defender against an infinite horde…


After 10 levels I'm assuming this game has no ending.


Haha yep sorry

This isn't possible to play if you don't have a numpad :(


I've upload a fixed version ( gamepad support and alternative key for player 1 )

May I suggest a better control scheme? It's completely incompatible with a laptop keyboard.

I've upload a fixed version ( gamepad support and alternative key for player 1 )