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i've played this like 10 times already, idk, prob exagerating

but i finally beat it on hard more, even tho ive only tried like, twice, including this time, but meh

also ONLY till now did i notice that explosive projectiles stack, atleast twice, only found it twice

also just me or is piercing, explosive and guided just op

i was gonna write something on how "yeah i finished it first try" then remembered i only chose medium difficulty. anyway i loved this game, first time ive actually played something like it

Thanks, the game's not a lot more difficult in hard mode ^^ glad you liked it!

u right the game isnt that harder in hard more, i just one tried it :0

and its even easy! (in the good sense of saying easy)

but i died cuz my eyes decided to go dry :b

What a beautiful game. The aesthetic is just gorgeous and lovely!!

I love the concept of the game, it felt like Touhou but with less punishing bosses and adding roguelike elements. I finish it in easy difficulty first playthrough, with a very bad build hehe. What a clever idea of having spheres being lives, currency and drops all at ones!

The only think I found frustrating was the 3 active items (bombs, invisibility and time freezing), I always pick them up by accident, and end up with something I don't like

I'm adding it to my personal game library. Easily one of my fav bullet hell games yet and in terms of pixelart one of my favourites of all time.



Thanks for your feedback and glad you liked the game, we have discussed a potential sequel, it is certainly not for now but we'll take your feedback into account if it happens!

Wow, that sounds super great. You guys do amazing games, so a potential sequel will sure be amazing too. Best of luck on your current and future projects! (:

Thank you <3

very good!!

Thank you!

This is probably the best game ive ever played!!!

Haha glad to hear that thank you!

Great and unique shmup. Love the light colors :)

Thanks, glad you liked it ^^

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great game but i dont get why there are upgrades which cost like 17 orbs in the 1st world perhaps you should also make upgrades have a downside such as homing projectiles dealing less damage or increased defence lowering damage

Thanks ! Yes it may be related to the fact that the power of your character unlocks level 2 which is too expensive for world 1, the homing shots are slower but yes they are a little too effective, the game would surely require some balancing, we have already discussed making a sequel to the game, we'll try to improve all that for the next one!

great game very cool 

Thank you!

This a really awesome game. Me and brother enjoyed it a lot. Hope you make some other cool games

Thank you for your feedback, glad you and your brother appreciated it, I hope we'll be able to release new games this year ^^

I hope you guys do, They're all really cool and fun to play

Wow!Such a cool game!Very happy to beat it.



Thank you !

Great game, its really easy tho when you get the auto aim projectiles, when i got them i just upgraded power and super easy. Maybe you should nerf them to do less dm.

Yes the aim projectiles make the game even easier (knowing that it is not very difficult at the base) I'll try to correct that one day, do not hesitate to tell me if there is anything else that we can improve!

We really enjoyed playing & discussing Guardian Sphere on Indie Game Club (it’s like a book club for indie games)! 

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Thanks for the video, it was interesting and fun to watch!

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pixel-boy can you Translate your game in to English please that will be nice of you😊

The game is translated into English, you can select the language at the start of the game

Thank-you pixe-boy i dint know by the way pixel-boy My Name is Kyle My username Mario Bros. because i'm Huge Fan of Nintendo

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Great game but, when I used my gamepad, the controls were mapped out really bad and it was so painful that I had to un-install it. I decided to download it from Chrome instead of using the desktop app and it doesn't work either. I checked if my gamepad was having issues but it seemed to work just fine. If you could just fix the controls or at least make them customizable, then this would be one of the best games I'd ever played. (Sorry if there are any misspellings, I'm not a native English speaker)

Thank you for the feedback, the downloadable version seem buggy I'll try to fix that, can you try the HTML5 version (playable in the browser on the itchio page) and tell me if it works better on it? 

I'm not sure why there was this problem but it should be fixe

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Just tried it again, it's PERFECT!

I'll try, thanks!


My eight year old self would have thrown all their lunch money at this bubblegum arcader.

Very nice game, maybe a bit too easy, I completed it on the first try with 0 deaths. Besides that, I loved it!


Thanks for the feedback, yes the game is a bit easy now, maybe one day I will try to rebalance that, you played in which difficulty mode ?

Glad you enjoyed it anyway !


Normal :)

I like the Captain SkyHawk Style! ;)

Really nice game, very challenging. I love the atmosphere you created.

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Looks like it's working on Chrome. But on Firefox all I get is "Indirect call to null" Console shows.

indirect call to null index.html:247:13    displayFailureNotice

PD: Funny enough, after posting this, if I click on this link that generated by posting the error, the game runs :P Weird.

amazing game

Thanks !

cool game.  one gripe is the bright color scheme kinda strains my eyes after a bit.  otherwise its well made and fun

Thank you, I'll try to set a brightness / contrast option to next games !

Amazing game with well balanced and interesting characters.
I've noticed a glitch where if you game over you keep some upgrades eg. visible enemy health & shop discount.

Thanks for the feedback and glad that you enjoyed the game! I'll try to fix it as soon as I find a little time



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I really like your game and thanks for giving native support to linux


Thanks for the video !

SUCH A GOOD GAME, its so good, and i love it. I finished the game with cube on easy (ik its nooby but it was fun)

Thanks ^^


Game will not play in browser on safari :(

Sorry ! Does the downloaded version work for you?

I played it in chrome. Just more to let you know! Very well done. Sometimes the upgrades were 1 impossible to get (more than my max), but i had a lot of fun with this game. Beat all the levels as Diamond :)

Ah yes we had already encountered the problem of upgrades, thank you for your feedback and glad that you liked the game !

Played on Chrome. Beat the final boss... barely. 0 health left.

this game is awesome, i've played it a long time ago, but came back to share my opinion. great job! very fun game.


Thank you for taking the time to post a comment ^^

The game crash everytime in the end, after kill the last boss.

I'm in Windows 10. It's the downloadable version.

But actually, the game is really good and entertaining.


Oh sorry, thanks for the feedback, I'll try to see if I have the problem too, glad you enjoyed the game despite that !


This should be fixed, thanks again !

Thanks for fixing the error!

Super jeu, bonnes finissions et bon dosage au niveau de la difficulté, bravo :)

Merci ^^

sometimes starts in french when i choose english.

fun game, design is great, nice work.

Thank you !

very stylish, and the core concept is fun.  i liked all the character designs and bosses.  the art is ace.

for my taste, the game was too easy even on hard mode, and it seems to just get easier since the game doesn't ramp quickly enough to keep up with the player's upgrades.  it's certainly a tough thing to balance.  i love playing bullet hells like Ikaruga so not sure if i'm in the target demographic or not.  i might be the only one complaining about easy difficulty so don't change it for my sake :)

good job!

Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the game, about the difficulty it was hard to balance because of the upgrades system but we probably could have made the hard mode more difficult, if I return on the game some day, I will try to fix that !

yeah, unfortunately difficulty ramping with player upgrades is not an easy design problem!  i think you could tune it by placing yourself in later levels with lots of upgrades and playtesting it... if there were a lot more enemies and bullets, the spheres=health mechanic would have felt a lot more meaningful

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If you wanna play this game with a friend Parsec Gaming works great with this title. Check my friend and I defeat the alien menace! Together we are strongest! 

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Pretty nice, it's a cool example of godot's potential. The hitboxes and The color palette annoyed me a bit, i would suggest you to focus increasing the contrast between bullets, character and background. Nice job!


Thanks for your feedback, yep maybe we should try something to fix the contrast, glad that you have appreciated anyway !

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This was a really great and fun time! I really enjoyed this game, I especially loved the soundtrack, for me the soundtrack was the stand out piece in this game. I loved how everything felt so aesthetic and pleasing. 

My only real issue with this game was the length of the last stage - it felt like it was going on and on without the difficulty ramping up, and there would be times when the colour pallete of the game worked against itself. Other than that I enjoyed my time with it. 

Also if you all were to sell the Soundtrack for this game, I'd buy it. 

I didn't realize there were updates to the game - so I'll have to update and play some more. 

If anyone is interested in my other more lengthy thoughts on the game, you can check it out in the video. 

Thank you guy for the great video and feedback ! We're glad you liked the game, now that we have finished the post jam version, there will certainly be no more update,  but maybe one day we will make an update in a far future ^^

About music I am still pretty amateur so thanks for the compliment, you can listen to it here


I am china.But this game is very good!

Thanks, glad you liked it !

Le jeu est magnifique, vraiment, les couleurs sont magnifiques,les environnement sont variés et interessant à parcourir, et le design des personnages est super cool, les upgrades sont tres gratifiants, et on a vraiment un sentiment de puissance, gerer sa vie est interessant.Cependant j'ai remarqué quelques defauts, mais c'est du chipotage :
-Les personnages n'ont aucune description, donc absolument aucun moyen de les choisirs vraiment pour leur gameplay, on clique sur random ou on choisis au charadesign, en fait, je ne sais meme pas si le gameplay et les competence des persos sont differentes.
-Le jeu est parfois difficile a lire, apres, je ne suis pas un grands joueurs de shmup, donc ça doit un peu venir de moi , mais je trouve quand meme que les enemies clignottes trops, ils sont blancs 95% du temps, donc difficile a voir, et le clignottement me perturbe.

Voilà c'est tout ce que j'ai trouvé a redire, j'ai hate de pouvoir le faire en coop.

On a essayé de corriger les points que t'as mis en avant, merci pour tes retours et content que ça t'ait plu !

This game is amazing.

Thanks !


Excellent game!

Thank you !

This game exploits Godot's 2D power very well.

Such an amazing and beautiful game! Congratulations!


Thanks !

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