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looks great but i have Llinux 

The full version should be available on Linux, however it's not planned for now ^^

no problem

I love it the movement feels so smooth, the pets are so cute and i like how they evolve like Pokémon. The only issue I have is a flickering effect on my screen but I think it is an issue with gamemaker’s v-sync. But other than that i love the colours and the final battle scene (It is really intense).

Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked it!

This game really haves potential to be a full game! i really like the mechanics, specially the leveling up one, it reminds me of cave story. i also love the art style is so well done! i hope this gets fully completed


Thanks, glad you're like it, I'm a big fan of Cave Story Haha, the full version is still planned even if for the moment we are working on other projects!


Please did MacOS version, looking really interesting! I want to buy it ( O_O)b


man this game is amazing, how I can buy the complete version and the anime series of the station ? :) 

Ps : You have a course that teach made awesome games like that ?

Ps2: I here because i liked one of your pixel arts in pinterest and i know nothing from this site and stuff, so.... sorry for be weird  rsrs.



Thank you for your comment ! The full game is currently paused and TV series is not expected even if it might be nice I guess Haha

I don't have course to make this kind of game, it includes a certain number of things, the demo is made with Game maker Studio but we plan to bring the full game on Godot Engine and the pixel art is made with Aseprite, if you are interested in creating games of this kind I advise you to choose an engine, watch some tutorial and get started !

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thanks man. I will follow your steps. I already follow you in yotube. I will search for tutorials about gamemaker studio. Your style of drawing,game desing, and all about this specific game just touch my heart. Your team give me a taste of a fusion of childhood and ghibili felling playing this game. So thanks A LOT !  You guys have Instagram ? 


this is amazing! about time a game don't caught my attention like this one..

Thank you, glad to hear that ^^

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i hope you release this for mac also, looks amazing!

Thanks, yes it should be available on mac !

I [and I cant stress this enough] LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH

Thank you ^^


Thanks !

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