A downloadable game for Windows


Game initially made for Ludum Dare 41  (Theme :  Combine 2 Incompatible Genres )

The game is a Roguelike mixed with Dance dance revolution mechanic, 1 - 4 players local coop, with gamepad support, French and English languages.


Everything was going as it’s supposed to be in Tempo-City when, coming from nowhere, an army of monster appeared. Nobody could explain what happened ! Not even the city’s wizard, who couldn’t do anything to stop the creatures. He needs time to study them, he needs samples from them. But he can’t do that all by himself ! So he called the best musicians et Dancing Stage champions (those famous japanese arcade games where you dance on arrowed platforms) to help him in this quest !



Pixel-boy - Twitter- Tumblr

AAA - Tumblr

Théo Moyen - Music

Game illustration by AAA


Tempo Quest.exe 12 MB
Tempo Quest JAM.exe ( with bugs ) 10 MB

Development log


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Not actually a roguelike dunno why you said that so I was kinda dissapointed but still pretty fun and cute little experience :)

This game was so fun


Woah, this is really cool! I'm actually working on a very similar base mechanic for my games magic system, it's really interesting to get to see a similar concept in action!!

Thanks, happy if it can help you for your game!

Firstly I would like to say I love this game. It is a very simple casual game that is super exciting. The combat system of using ddr as a means of attacking was interesting and the other buttons serve a purpose. Also once I got a map, it helped me find out where I was supposed to go which was very rewarding after doing a bunch of other mini dungeons and collecting pets and stat buffs. The boss fights were actually fun and manageable! I don't think any of them were too easy or too difficult. The simple style of the game adds to the casual fun atmosphere which is really good. Unfortunately I didn't try out co-op but I'm sure it will be a very fun experience. I love this game and hope you make more games!! I'll give this sick beats/10 :D


holy crud takes massive fart on you

is you gonna put it on linux

it was really fun, good couch coop

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game and were able to play it in co-op!

can you tell us the secret of your good art

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My controller isn't working on the game

pretty good


Semi-interesting but I can't see the idea of the controls and what the main point is.

it's rubbish

it generally is hard to control but when you get the hang of it you suffer a bit less



Hey friend :)
We have a YouTube channel and we want to make a video about your game, we are asking for your permission to broadcast our gameplay.
If you want, we can show the progress of development, gameplay, concept art and more... Anything that you will share with us.
please contact us by mail: or.graygammer@gmail.com
Or by twitter: @GeeksBoxs

We would love to hear back from you

Just beat every dungeon in the game and all the bosses. This was a blast the whole time. It's incredible that this was made for a game jam! Great Work.  If you're reading this download it and play. Great with 2 people or more.

This is pretty great!

Thanks !

I play it again but this time both of us 

I LOVE IT! You should think about make a bigger game out of it as a paid release. One of the best games I played here, well done! Love the art style tho!

Thanks, happy that you like it, we have not planned to make a bigger version for the moment but nothing is impossible !

I love this game! its so much fun!!!!

Thanks !

Seems like a really interesting game, unfortunately I can't seem to get it to run.

The game does not start ? Are you on window 10 ?


Hey  this isn't half bad! my only suggesiton is make it easier to move while attacking, most of the boss fights I just stood there soaking damage

Thank you and yep  I did not find a suitable solution for this problem with the time allotted sorry !

i was thikning if you made it dual stick setup, or perhaps left pad is for movement ( or stick ) and face buttons for directions, and hold RB or LB to activate the weapon? 

i think that would be ideal, youd be able to move with left stick, direct attacks with face buttons and also be able to use the attack bc the shoulder buttons are easy to press even when both your hands are busy on the gamepad :3

The juicyness of this Ludum Dare 41 entry was incredibly high! I had a blast to shred my guitar (or to play my triangle :D ) in your game and to roll around to find new monsters and dungeons to fight against. <3 The whole audiovisual representation was excellent and all in all, I can absolutely imagine that this is a fun co-op game! Thanks so much for this entry. I'll make sure to give the post jam version a try as well, because I want to see the goddamn endboss. :D An excellent game, that I proudly praised in an article on our blog and also uploaded a quick gameplay video for. Good luck with the ratings for you three!

Best wishes,


Thanks for the article / video and glad you've like the game !

I definitely will be routinely streaming this game and trying out all the characters and stuff its pretty cool

Thank you !

how do you attack

when you press the attack key, arrows will appear above your char, you need to press it when there are monster near of you

i did not see the attack key or which is it

never mind i found it tho the keys 1 2 3 don't work in the game

you choose controls on the char selection menu, if you choose WASD this is "H" if you choose Arrows this is "numpad 1" and if you choose a gamepad this is "A" ( xbox controller )

this game got the best out of it after the jam version i play!!!

i havent play every single LD41 games so i hopign the best will win!!!
if you are curious how the jam version and the post jam version that i play. Take a look at there video!!!

hope you enjoy it!!!

jam version

post jam version

Thanks man for the videos ! Glad you enjoy the game and you have finished it ^^

Deleted 5 years ago

Hehe thanks

In the post jam version, the city seems to be overrun with what I can only assume is the final boss, its both impassible for its difficulty and its lag. Otherwise, this game is probably the best of this Ludum Dare. I really enjoyed the combat and the sense of progression! 

Shit, thanks for the feedback I had this problem one time but I thought it was settled, I try to fix it as soon as possible, can you DL the current post jam version again and tell me if the problem is still here pls ?

Ok I've the bug too, I'll fix that soon !

It's fixed thanks !

Getting white screen when running it. So, what i have to do?

I just uploaded the post jam version, try it and tell me if you still have the problem

Working now! Thank you!

Awesome !

Hello! I loved your game, it is gloriously designed and animated as well as just being such a fun and unique game to play! While I didn't quite master the musical madness right away I still had a great time in the monster filled shops and dungeons haha. I made a let's play of your game here~

Hey, thank you for the video, it was fun to watch ! Glad you've enjoyed the game despite of the bugs, the post jam version is avalaible now without these problems and with more contents / polish ( ending, boss and more ) if you have some time take it a look !

You're more than welcome! I'll be sure to check it out in my own time :D

we know the objective, but i cant give the 4 hearts we collected to the mages. is it the last part thats unfinished? everything is polished by the way. great gameplay especially the control. may i request some of the control for pc WASD to move character, ARROW to play the tune, SPACE to roll and E for playing music. for those who enjoy watching than playing, this video is for you!

Thanks for the video ! Yes there is no ending is the jam version, I've just upload the post jam version, the game is now complete,  you should try it !

Love the ideas going on here, on paper it sounds like shit but in practice its a strangely compelling mix! It is a little strange having to stop and start and I'd occasionally screw up combos trying to walk while transitioning in and out of the attack stance, but it flowed pretty well for how stop and start it seemed in the beginning. The lack of an end was a little disappointing, but completely understandable given the time constraints of the jam. Fantastic work!

Thanks man ! The post jam version is now avalaible with all things that we did not have time to finish in the jam version, take a look !

I failed to play this. the game bugged :( J and K did stuff but nothing that interacts with the environment. the shop was filled with monsters too. Only "Play 1" was displaying.

 I don't know what I did but I'm sad because the idea hyped me!  

Sorry for this, I'll try to fix all of this on the Post jam version who will release in some days !

if you do, please post a message :D


Post jam version is available !


whoa this is so cool! great game


Thank you !


This is so fun! I really hope I'll see more of it!

I'm curious though, are the drummers viable at all? They have 0 attack, how does that work?

Thanks ! The damage are always 1 minimum ( 1 + attack ), but I will make it clearer for the post jam version, your comment make me want to add a classe with 0 attack and a kind of alternative gameplay Haha

ohh ok, thanks for clarifying! I definitely need to play this with friends some time, make a lil fightin band

Haha yes it's cool in multiplayer ! The post jam version is avalaible, the game is really better now I think !


is it freeee?

Of course it is!