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I absolutely love this asset pack! There are a ton of animations and sprites and you can build a full blown game with this!

One thing I would like to see is a file that could explain what frame is for what animation, for example the regular characters have the bottom left frame as death animation. For some sprites its kind of difficult to figure out

I used your incredible art and added you to the credits section :>

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Thanks, glad it was helpful!


This has said "working on new update" for over 7 months. Is there an update coming?

My bad, I forgot to remove the message, the last update has already been posted, we will have to wait for the next level for the next update, do hesitate to suggest ideas for content that might interest you!


"My bad, I forgot to remove the message, the last update has already been posted, we will have to wait for the next level for the next update, do hesitate to suggest ideas for content that might interest you!"

That's a lie!
The goal was reached in 2023, but no Updates yet  in 2023!

Sorry, after checking I realized you were right, I thought we were up to date, in my defense there is no clear timeline and this is a side project for us, to avoid that this kind of error does not happen again I'll add the chronology of goals and updates on the main page, it should prevent it from happening again, thank you for accepting my apologies!

Honestly the best free asset pack on, not just because of quality but also because of the sheer amount of assets included. Well done. 


Thanks !

Thank you!!

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you saved my life man thanks a lot

Hez. Thanks for the free graphics! I made a game with them, if you want to check it out:

Hi there, I am planning on making a project using this pack and was wondering if there is any way to make the sprites 64x64. I saw a tutorial on YouTube that used this pack and I have no clue how they managed to make the sprites 64x64!!

you can use asprite .import the image/tile .above go to sprite then sprite size and down but 400% because this asset 16 and 16*4=64

Thank you!


I use it to reprogram the "Maker Tech" Tutorial on Youtube. Really very nice asset.

Everything you could need is there



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Hello everybody, I am so grateful for your work. It's nice, cute, and amazing. It's evident that you have put in a lot of effort. I would like to ask how I can import the full project to work in unity 

Thanks! I've never really used unity so I'm not sure how it fits in, there is no quick way to integrate everything

Nice and complex pack for create games / trying out stuff. Thank you for offering it even free of charge and being very humble about mentioning you. You are a super hero.


Hello, I really liked your assets and used them to create a small game, you can find it here.


Hi there! Using this pack to learn Godot 4, I noticed while setting up the animations for the Masked Frog character that the second frame for walking right is offset by 1 pixel(the 2 black pixels at the end of the cape merge with the frame to the left of it.) Thought you'd like to know, great asset pack by the way!

Hello there! I'm using this pack and it's amazing, you are doing a great job! 

I'm using the mask frog and I just notice that the right walk animation has a little pixel missing in the second frame. 


dont need it, but sure is adoreable

Omg bro u are a LIFE SAVER i wish i had money to tip keep up the work broo

First order of business, the level of work put into this asset pack is amazing. Can only imagine how long all of this took to make. Well done is the least I can say.

Now, I am looking for a asset pack to use in a upcoming GameDev tutorial on YouTube. It will in Java and the Android environment.  I think this would be a great asset pack to use. You even got sound/music in this. Wow!
I prefer to stick to one asset pack or collection rather than to mix and match different ones. 

The reason I am considering using this, is first, it looks great, but not less important for me, is the licence. You have set the licence to the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Since I will be redistributing the assets I pick, it is a must this is specified. The code and assets will be on Github and/or my website for downloading. 

I think I would be able to just download this and start using it as I see fit without asking, but that would be, uncool in my opinion.

So my question is, could I use this in the tutorial? The tutorial will be a series of videos on YouTube and the assets will be downloaded by the followers of the tutorial.

Credit will given, obviously. I can link to this page or your YouTube channel/twitter or whichever seems most appropriate. 
And yes, I will be buying the asset pack. 

So please, let me know if I can use this as I would like.
My YouTube channel is "Kaarin Gaming".



Hi! Thanks, glad you like the pack, sure you can use it for your video and yes a link to the pack page is appreciated, more visibility for the pack allows us to invest more time to add content ^^

Have a nice day!

These are fantastic!  I used one of the weapons as an icon for my card-based game-jam entry. (


Thanks, glad it could be useful!

Howsit! Just downloaded this to learn Godot, but having issues with the project file -- when I test game, straight away the camera moves far off center. I haven't touched anything I swear!

This is what I see when it loads.

As I mentioned I have 0 exp with Godot... Can you help me level up a bit?

Which version of godot are you using? I have no problem when I download it.

Some link to get started with godot:



The official documentation contains a lot of useful resources for beginners, and there are videos on youtube to learn the basics.

Right on, thanks for the quick reply and the links.

I tried it first in 3.5.1 and it gave me errors for Dialogic (a plugin I assume I don't have) and also moved the camera away from player on loading play test. I downgraded to 3.2 and had the same problem. I wonder the camera moving away on load is because I'm working on a smaller laptop monitor? 

Anyway it seems like the answer is to simply learn Godot, which was the intention anyway. If I figure out what's going on I will reply in case someone else has the same issue.

Thanks again!

Hello there, I'm looking for a artist for my game would you be interested?   If so what would you be working for?

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Thank you Pixel-boy and AAA. We ended up using some of the character sprites in our game on Steam. The game is called Bone's Cafe, and we mentioned you in the credits

Thanks! It looks cool ^^

wow looking very good!:!!:



you are my biggest inspiration for pixel art, hopefully one day I can be as good as you!

Thanks, glad it could inspire you, good luck to you !


Hi Pixel-Boy, we are 2 brothers that love making retro-style games, we used your awesome asset pack for your game, I hope you like it! (off course, we are credited you in the game!) :)

these are super cute!



PixyMoon,i made a game jam and it started today.wanna join?

link:This is the link

Your assets are great, so many differents things! I keep finding new items or effects, and more ideas for my game. 

Of course still work in progress, but a small preview. Hope you can keep improving it.


Glad you like the assets, it's always nice to see things done with it, we always have an update in preparation, but it's progressing slowly with the various projects in progress.

Hi, I am using Game Maker, was trying to overlap the Tress and Forest, and looking at the Godot Project is done very easily. Do you know how to make it in Game Maker?

I don't know how to do that on Game Maker 2 but maybe search on the internet with the term 'Y sort'

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This pack is brilliant!! Quick question though, what's the difference between the supporter edition and the other?


Thanks! There is no difference currently, so it's just to support the pack, in the future there may be more things to support the edition but for the moment nothing planned

Great package, but I wonder if the content in this download package is for us to develop (I learned a Zelda video on YouTube, about 7.5h) and then came here to download the game, but I can't play it

Thanks! The demo project is made with Godot Engine ( you can open it with ) to download the project you had to download the file: "" on Itchio. You can use it as a base to create your game.

Does that answer your question?

ok i had dawnloaded the file  named''''and the ''ninja'' but i cannot open it with my file like vscode or pycharm. Should I open it by godot only?

Yes it's a Godot project, you will need Godot Engine to run it but I guess you can still edit the scripts in vscode or whatever

These are great! 


Great asset pack, can I use it for  Commercial Use?

Thanks! Yes the license allows it, you don't have to credit but it's of course appreciated :)

thank god, I already made 3 areas in my game using the tileset so it's a relief to hear this, thank you

Hey pixel-boy,
I used your scroll in a fun little game. Thanks for your great assets!

when extracting the Zip file I can’t fins the actor sprites/portraits?


They are in the "Actor/Characters" folder

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hey pixel boy very nice assets but the player i have a problem that i cant use that for gamemaker studio 2 but great assets

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What problems are you having? I use these sprites for GMS2 quite often, perhaps I can give advice on how to fix it. 


Hey I want to thank you for this great assets and for uploading it here.

I got inspired and wanted to share it with you:

Thanks and really cool animationl! Nice job ^^

Oh I needed that raccoon in my life. Thank you. :D 

Both, the raccoon and the statue is part of the pack, I just created the animation transforming between it.

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Oh I know! The balloon part is what I needed, too cute :D (Not asking for it, just commenting as I saw it, apologies for any confusion) 


Thank you,  no worries, I just wanted to give credit to who it deserves.

If you or anyone else want to use it feel free to do so.

The pack is free and I made this animation public available too so no problems :D

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Can i use the font for Commercial Use?

Yes the whole pack can be used for commercial use (CC0 license)


This is my new favourite asset pack! I am new to gamedev and this is just what i need to make my dream game! :D 





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hi, im gonna use part of this tileset in my latest project (but changing some colors). There’s any license on the files?

It's CC0 you can find the license in the folder

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