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Just a suggestion, if you can have left and right animations for character like the forager.

Also, animations for character:
-watering crop
-chopping trees
-hammering (like for building a house or like a construction thing)

Also if you plan to already shift this to not only ninja thing.

maybe, add some industries like

maybe also like a tower defense with buildings / towers (with upgrades available maybe 4-7)

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll add them to the TODO list!

Currently we keep the same animation format for all characters, but we may be able to add new versions of characters with more animations in the future (it would be a lot of work to add them for all the characters in the pack).

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The addons folder is empty in the file. So it can't load any Dialogic files because they are not included. I think the same goes for the web version shown on top here. It all means no dialogue shows up when entering dialogue area. It would be very nice to have it fixed. If (re)using Dialogic is an issue, I can recommend inkgd

I don't know if the demo used the dialogic plugin, I think I wanted to use it but I finally changed my mind, the dialogs probably never worked in the demo but it's possible that the project incorrectly deleted the dependencies of the plugin.

I recently worked on an updated version (with Godot 4.0) I should have a few days available this week for us to release the next update and this new Godot version.

What is the license for the Godot project (the game) ?

The same as the rest CC0

yo bro thanks again for this great pack

i have another great suggestions in this asset pack

1 persian palace well suit the desert map and any other palace well be great and king,queen,prince etc royal memebers

2more  buildings to fit(iskimo,desert,grass,) maps

and at least i have one question i searched so much for the blocks that u put it in ur game in villiage and couldnt find it what the name of it

and i wanna say thanks again

Thanks again for the suggestions! I'm not sure what element you're talking about when you say "the blocks in the village" does that concern the floor tiles?

sorry my bad i mean the flagstone that ur put it in villiage 

The flagstone tiles are found on the tileset "Backgrounds\Tilesets\Interior\TilesetInteriorFloor"

thank you so much

Love the asset pack!

For suggestions i have one but may be particular to my usecase haha.

I'm building  a TD game and the only thing is iffy are the towers haha. I'm currently using the 2 statues of a soldier and a monk on TilesetHouse as are the only 32x32 that look like a towers (not even that much though haha). I was wondering if we could have something similar to towers.

Also, what did you use to create the assets? I may need to add/change a few things and i was wondering what program did you use.


Thanks ! I add your proposals to the TODO list, about the program we use Aseprite, but the images are in PNG format so you can open them in any image editor.

Good morning, just to confirm, is this asset package free for commercial use?

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I'm not the creator, or anything, but the description says:

You can use any and all of the assets found in this package in your own games, even commercial ones.

The Asset pack is so awesome! It really help guide me in making my own pixel art for my game that I'm working on.
Anyway I want to ask if I can use the example file that I found in asset pack in my Youtube video?

Thanks! Yes you can use it

You are so Kind thank you!

Just began learning to program in GODOT. I'm using your assets to build a Zelda-Like adventure, they are great. I have a playable prototype called Ninja Quest (LOL lots of Ninja Quest games out-there.) As I learn more about GODOT I plan to incorporate every asset from your pack in the game. Really excited about it. Thanks for your work. 

Thanks, glad it helped!

Awesome pack! Are we expected to rotate these transitional tiles / create them ourselves, so we can transition between biomes from any direction or are some corners/edges missing from the pack (or am I missing something)?

Thanks! I think it's intended to be rotated but it's true that it's a bit ambiguous, perhaps we should provide something more suitable but it could quickly take up a lot of space in the tileset, or perhaps have a separate tileset for transitions.

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That might be good. I will look into rotating some for now. A suggestion: I think it could be nice if the animals' spritesheets were expanded to include all the various walking states/animations, including up and down, just like other characters such as monsters. It's probably not super important for animals to have all the states though.

Hey, amazing pack i cant lie
i wanted to ask how to make the sprites bigger  bcuz for now they are 16 pixels but i need to scale them up like in your project.

Thanks! I'm not sure I understand the question, in the example project the sprites also have a size of 16 pixels

oh yeah? then never mind. in the example project they looked bigger than 16. perhaps Godot can scale them without quality lose?
i am using c to make the game, so no enigne.
in any case, great pack, keep up the good work.

Yes in Godot you can change their scale, but also use a camera2D which allows you to zoom in a scene, which is the most practical solution in my opinion.

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the asset pack is really amazing + i noticed that you continue updating it and addings new things - great job !

i wanted to ask: what software do you use for the music ???

Thanks! For music I use FL Studio

Thank u for your asset!Nice assets!I used it in my game

How do i interact with the characters?

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Hi guys really thanks for this great pack

since you are asking for suggestions to add in next update :

more bosses like: Big gorilla and goblins and  mamouth and Devil Sprites and Dragons

more spritesheet for characters like: sowrd anim and idle anim and and bow anim and spear anim and shiroken anim this weapons and animations well be great things to add

more ninja characters like : white ninja and other colors Master ninja character and that be the king of ninjas same with ms ninja character and many other characters well be great too

add more nature sounds like: the wind sound and birds sounds and snow sound

waterfall and water sounds

 more houses well be great 

and this all thanks soo much again for this great pack and this pack already great without the suggestion but with it well be better


Hi, glad you like the pack, I added your suggestions to the todo list!

Hi guys thank you so much for this great pack but there is a problem the project dosent work in godot 4 i hope in next update fix it and tysm


Hey, thanks! I started a new version of the project on Godot 4, there is still a little work but it should be available with the next update.

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I made a simple game like vampire survival in godot using your awesome tileset. Thank you so much for creating it.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.


Can the arts in this package be modified for use in projects ?

Yes sure

Hello, I would like you to create some packages similar to these. How much would you charge me? I await your response, have a nice day.

I don't have time for commissions at the moment sorry!


To begin - absolutely love the asset pack.

Since you're asking for suggestions for things to add (In no particular order):

  • Heian Period Villagers
  • More Pixel Fonts in TTF format
  • Larger elemental magic effects
  • More FX in general
  • A paper doll actor generator
  • Humanoid Bosses (A large ninja or samurai or whathaveyou)
  • A Tengu actor / monster
  • A shrine / temple tileset
  • Samurai cavalry actor / monster (Bow and/or spear and/or sword)
  • (I'm aware this is massive) FFV style emote  sprites
  • Emote portraits
  • Fancy period interior decor (Display walls, redwood furniture, decorated folded screens, etc)
  • Different looks of samurai (ashigaru, ronin, etc)
  • Ability Icons (Melee attacks, spell, etc)
  • More formal Pallet with alternative pallets (sepia, nighttime, etc)

Don't feel pressured (Honestly, I love what you've done) but you did ask :)

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll add it to the todo list, glad you like the pack!

Hi pixel boy im interested in talk to you pls follow back me on twitter @tupochan pls

This is an awesome pack, looking forward to the project in Godot 4

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I thought I might as well push the funding over the 2k goal :) I love this pack! Although it's called "Ninja Adventure", I would love to see it develop in a more multi-purpose way with styling elements and items that enables designers to create maps that have an industrial, low tech, steampunk etc. style with characters that also match the respective looks. I am currently working on a game idea that doesn't quite fit the japanese ninja-style design, but since this is the most affordable and complete (not to mention: beautiful) asset pack I know, I am going to use and feature it nonetheless. Also, I am currently in the process of writing a series of MonoGame articles for a German developer magazine that will be based on my experiences (and contain references to your asset pack).

Thank you for your donation and for your feedback! We are already considering moving away from the ninja theme which is a bit limiting, I think we will add more variety gradually, I added your requests to the todo list.

Hello. Great work!

Cannot find any characters when downloading your pack.
Do you know in which folder they are?

Thanks! They are normally found in Actor/Characters

I'm creating a game with this asset pack and it has definitely helped me a lot in my project, I'll definitely put your name in credits

Thanks, glad it was useful to you!

Hello. Congratulations on the work. It's very beautiful.

There is a problem with Godot's project. The file res://addons/dialogic/Other/ is missing.

I would be happy to see the demo fully working. Dialogs will not open without this file.

Thanks! I will try to look as soon as I find some time, I will have to update the project for version 4.0 too

Samurai Boss Please!!!!

lot of bug movement key down a doesnt work

Personally I’d like to see some new bosses in the next update. And great work, as always!

Okay, we'll add that as soon as possible, thanks for your feedback!

The only thing i would suggest to add is farming and mining tiles and some animals to breed. Donation is required for this awesome pack.


I add it to the list, thanks!

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In my opinion the best free assets pack on itch ever! Making a donation is "a must". A nice thing to insert could be a graphical interface for inventory and everything else related to the GUI, and maybe some sort of sprites related to farming, such as hoe, arable land, watering can, etc. etc. I await with curiosity the new version arriving. Congratulations again for the hard work you do!

I really love to have a cave interior. Like a mine with ores on walls. In my game this could be mined and destroyed. If you don't mind you can also add Explosions and bomb sprites.

Really love the artwork! Thank you very much

Thanks for your feedback, I'll add it to the todo list!

How do the cloud shadows work that can be seen in the sample gifs?

if I remember correctly, these are particles2D (in Godot), I don't know if there is a cloud sprite in the pack or if I only made it for the demo, you can get it in the godot demo otherwise

Can you make a character with the black plague mask? It would be nice!

I'm adding it to the todo list!

Thank you!

Going to download this today. It looks great and I can use it to learn a new game engine without art being an issue. This can definitely change things for a lot of people. Having that abs music and sounds can get a lot of people enough assets to get startes. Definitely giving that donation because people like you deserve it.

Thanks glad this helps <3

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how about a Japanese castle tileset? .. like walls, and inside and a couple buildings and tower.. and like the lower part of the wall that is like kinda sloped.. hmm i guess there kinda is a castle but that japanese look is iconic .. jus throwin ideas.. feel like you got a Fort, but not Big Boss Man's Fancy Leet Army Castle

Thanks for the feedback, I'll take note!

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I love that this pack comes with a demo project.  I used the assets in a video about how to get pixel perfect zoom in and zoom out in Godot.


Thanks, glad it was helpful and thank you for sharing the video!

Cool to see the pack in this video :D

Yes I had seen that, it’s nice!

When i was learning about game dev  i used this assets a lot, thanks for all, i can't donate because im from Cuba

i hope that you can get as much goals as you want

(sorry for my english i speak spanish usually)

Thanks, glad that the pack was useful to you, no worries, the pack is above all free!

A menu update would be very convenient! UI elements such as buttons with 'pressed' states, checkboxes, slider components, inventory slots, a handful of differently shaped menu panels, that kind of thing


Thanks for the feedback, we'll add that!

(1 edit) (+1)

I am all for mana / stamina UI elements and some dungeony things like magma-rock balls that can be thrown out of a lava-pool.
Edit: Also I didn't see a torch item. That would be nice.

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