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This is what i've been searching for. Good job.
Honestly it would look smoother with 60fps instead of 30fps

Thanks ! the game is not really optimize and already slow on some computers with 30 fps but I agree the game would be cool with 60 fps

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Hey, really enjoying your game but i am struggling with the last crystal (one in the floating mansion with 2 dudes ((one looks like one eyed zoidberg with glasses)) and I have absolutely no idea how to get into the mansion and get the crystal. So can you please help? The game is really good btw. Im playing post Jam version.

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Hey, thank you, glad you like the game !

About the last crystal, you must find a way to break the glass windows, good luck :D

btw nice work to had find the others crystals !

Figured it out! Thanks for help.

Really enjoyed it and good luck with your next project ^^

Great adventure! I'm very curious about the ending can you give me a clue about the puzzle on the bottom right of the map, the one with the button and the bouncing ball? I can't solve it but I'm soo curious what's behind the door in the graveyard ><

Thanks man ! And sorry for the loss of time, in the jam version I've forget to link the button to the door so you can't open the door x) anyway I'll post the post jam version tomorrow ( or a little bit later ) and if you like the jam version you'll probably appreciate the adds of this new version !

Is there any way to restart the game so I can try the new version from the beginning? :)

I've reupload a new version of the post jam where I change the save file name ( and other minor fix ), so I think than if you download now the post jam version you'll start with a new game, if it's Idoes not solve the problem you can always go on %localappdata% and find a folder named "The_Vast_World" ( or fairy song, not sure) and delete the file in, have fun !

Hey there! this game was super cool! I cant say I knew too well what was going on, and my face decides to hate me during the video I linked here, BUT I STILL ENJOYED THE CRAP OUT OF IT!!!

Awesome video and sorry for you Haha, I really enjoy watch it, the post jam version will be available really soon (1 or 2 days ) the game will be more complete and there will be an accesible end ( with the stones) I say that in the case of you still have some patience for the game :D anyway great video, thanks for making it !

heck! I'd love to see an ending to the game! I'll definitely play that! Thanks for making a nice game to fly around in!

fun experiance and if you like the video hit that like button and consider subbing!

Thanks man for making this cool video ! The game have some optimization problems due to lack of time and seem really slow on the video, I've fix this for the post jam version ( availlable in 1 or 2 days ) in case of you want to retry with a better framerate !

beautifull experience very peacefull I enjoyed to explorer these various worlds and i'll take fun to discover the others

Thank you for these moments of poetry

Thanks ! glad you had a good time :)

Awesome game! the map is huge, and I like that. if it would have quests and stuff..It would be a great game for real!

Thanks, there is 2 quests in a sens, but not explain to the player, it was our goal to let the player search by this own, anyway I'm glad you like the map because we've taken a big part of the jam on it !

Love the art style and the calmness of it, I'd like to live in that world.

Also BirdSong is a cool game right?

Thanks man, glad you like the world of the game ! About BirdSong, It's not a conscious inspiration for Fairy Song but it is totally possible that it inspired us, just to explain the "Song" of Fairy Song, at first all npc should have a line of music link to it and create a kind of procedural music, mixing all this line of music and depending of the position distance between the npc and the fairy.

What a beautiful game!

In the Itch program however it tells me this is not available for Windows. I'm confused as I downloaded it via browser and played it fine. Unsure if this is an Itch issue or something with submission settings - or is it just me?

I would love to add this to my collection for easier access is all :)

Thanks man ! I've forget to check the window button :) glad you like the game !

Yay, thank you for the quick fix!

This is cool.

(P.S. I think you mean 'genre' in the description)

Thanks, indeed !

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Made a short review in Spanish but don't worry, it has closed caption so hope you enjoy it as well.

Thanks for the video, short but cool ! Glad you seem have a good time playing it, good luck with your channel, the concept seems original :D

btw, I was wondering if you're okay than I use your video for the game page ? Always cool to have a preview video and it's a good overview of the game :)

What a compliment, sure!, please (^v^)

Done thanks !

Is there an OSX build?

No sorry, not sure I can export on OSX and I don't really know how do it

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