A downloadable game for Windows

Fairy song is an exploration game, you take part in a vast and mysterious world, where you'll me lots of curious characters, visit various environments, freely explore these peaceful landscapes, and maybe you'll discover the secrets they hide.


  • Local multiplayer (1-2 players)
  • Gamepad support

Full map screentshots ( spoiler ) :

LeftUp   RightUp  LeftDown   RightDown

1 - MOUSE  

 Control the player with the mouse, left button to move, and hold left after a double click to go faster.

Click on items to interact.


A to interact

X to sprint


Arrow to move

Space to sprint and interact


F4 - fullscreen

5 - SAVE

The game automatically save the progression.

Pixel-boy - tumblr / twitter

AAA -tumblr

Game illustration by AAA


Fairy Song.zip 6 MB

Development log


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i love this game,the music is so aesthetic and cute, but im kinda disappointed because i completed 98% im stuck and missing 2 gems.I cant grab the apple from the tree for the big water blob idk why,and what is the sword for?I tried to shatter the glass with it where the 2 guys are with a gem but it doesnt work,i tried giving it to warriors yet it does nothing.Plus when i marked a buddy the percentage stayed the same...I couldnt find any walk throughs... 

Thanks man, glad you like it ! You get 1 gem want you eat the apple on tree ( click several time on it ), you must bring the coconut to the water guy ( you will find it on the island at the right of the Lighthouse) , the sword does not have any use, but when you take it from the rock 1 gem appears, about the glass you need to use the ball to break it, about the percentage this is because there is more than 100 chars so you need to get 2 to have more percentage !

It was lovely to play this little game and to explore all the locations in it. Especially your gorgeous pixel art made me smiling all the way. <3 It's fun that one has to find out about all the game mechanics on one's own. You never explained too much, so that it wasn't just the exploration of the places, but also of the game itself. Absolutely beautiful! That's why I included your game in our compilation article about the 1-Bit Clicker Jam and also featured it in the related showcase video. :) Thank you for your hard work! <3

Best wishes,

Thanks for the video and compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed the game's exploration part !

Absolutely. <3 Hoping to see more of you in the future! :)

Really cool! :)

Thanks !

dope game man 

Thanks for making this game - I had a lot of fun streaming it last week! I made a highlight video as well as written my thoughts on the game here: http://mmoaholic.blogspot.com/2017/05/fairy-song-friday-free-game-feature.html

Thanks for the article and video , I need to check mandagon  who seems interesting, glad you have appreciate the game :)

Is there a key or a button you have to use to interact when using mouse?

no key just mouse ( left button to interact ) there is no way to talk with npc

Ah ok, thank you!

Wonderful game! Thanks for "Jamming" it!

Thanks man it was really funny to watch :D

I'm so glad you dug it! It was only possible because of your game! :D

Hey there.

I'd love to comment on your game, but I can't seem to get the fairy(?) to move.

I can't see anything resembling a cursor, and pushing both the keyboard and mouse buttons does nothing. I'm playing on a Windows 10 machine with two monitors and a gamepad connected. Please let me know if you need further details.

Hey ! when a gamepad is connected, the game deactivate mouse controles, you can play with gamepad or disconect it to play with mouse

it also reminds me of kirby and trip world, obviously^^

nice!^^ i enjoyed playing it for a while =) has a nice vibe to it and i am impressed by the sheer vastness(pun intented..?)~

i was just getting a bit annoyed after a while cause i couldn't find the restaurant(?) anymore and i think i triggered a song on the jukebox that was playing on repeat constantly for the last 15 minutes or so @.@

nice work again on the mood and the minimal ui/symbols and stuff^^

about the jukebox it's the problem when you make a game too quiclky, there is bugs Haha, I had noticed there is a problem with it but not find time to fix it, just relaunching the game is the solution ( I should probably write somewhere on the game to relaunch the game if you have any kind of problem, because there are lot's of bug Haha ) anyway I'm glad you've appreciate the game despite of that, thank you !

PS : I remember the first char I design really look like kirby Haha

relaunching actually helped! that would have been useful to know^^

but then again, i didn't know that the music was broken.

i thought it was because i hit the jukebox and wanted to find it again but couldn't XD

Any plans to bring this to MacOS? Would love to play this!

I currently don't know how do that so not planned for the moment sorry

I played the post Jam version, I ended up speechless.

Thanks to had playing the post jam version and glad you like it !

Love the art style and nice game overall!

What tools did you use to make it? :D

Thanks man ! I use Game Maker Studio and Aseprite :)

More fun !! very nice game !!

Trés sympa merci !

merci a toi :)

This is what i've been searching for. Good job.
Honestly it would look smoother with 60fps instead of 30fps

Thanks ! the game is not really optimize and already slow on some computers with 30 fps but I agree the game would be cool with 60 fps

(1 edit)

Hey, really enjoying your game but i am struggling with the last crystal (one in the floating mansion with 2 dudes ((one looks like one eyed zoidberg with glasses)) and I have absolutely no idea how to get into the mansion and get the crystal. So can you please help? The game is really good btw. Im playing post Jam version.

(1 edit)

Hey, thank you, glad you like the game !

About the last crystal, you must find a way to break the glass windows, good luck :D

btw nice work to had find the others crystals !

Figured it out! Thanks for help.

Really enjoyed it and good luck with your next project ^^

Great adventure! I'm very curious about the ending can you give me a clue about the puzzle on the bottom right of the map, the one with the button and the bouncing ball? I can't solve it but I'm soo curious what's behind the door in the graveyard ><

Thanks man ! And sorry for the loss of time, in the jam version I've forget to link the button to the door so you can't open the door x) anyway I'll post the post jam version tomorrow ( or a little bit later ) and if you like the jam version you'll probably appreciate the adds of this new version !

Is there any way to restart the game so I can try the new version from the beginning? :)

I've reupload a new version of the post jam where I change the save file name ( and other minor fix ), so I think than if you download now the post jam version you'll start with a new game, if it's Idoes not solve the problem you can always go on %localappdata% and find a folder named "The_Vast_World" ( or fairy song, not sure) and delete the file in, have fun !

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