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After the crash of your airship you are the only survivor in a mysterious desert, the air is dry, and the water is lacking.

Dry path is a 2D / 3D exploration third person platformer game.

The gourd at the top right of the screen represents the remaining water, if it is empty, you will pass out.

To recharge the water there are some sources on the map, but it is also possible to take the water in certain elements like cacti.

Languages : English / French 

Playable with gamepad or keyboard / mouse.


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Dry Path - Window.zip 23 MB
Dry Path - Mac.zip 25 MB
Dry Path - Linux.zip 24 MB


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I tried the game on laptop when I had no mouse available. I thnk it would be cool if you could control camera with arrows and interact with e key.

I'll try to add that as soon as I find a little time

The Mac version says it can't be opened (using a Macbook Pro running Catalina). Can you verify that the file is correct?

I uploaded a new version which should correct the problem, tell me if it is not the case!

Cute game but incredibly difficult!

I've finished all your games so far but this may be the first I throw in the towel. Maybe I just need a glass of water...

Haha Thanks, I added a video of the full game on the page I think it can help you !

The game is not so difficult but find the first object (which unlock everything) can be hard

Really fun but I can't seem to find any item, only a rock


Loved the game! It was so mush fun to explore and meet all these characters :D

Glad to hear it thank you !


I love the 2.5D look of this game! 

Thanks !

I like it a lot too! I don't know what this mix of 3D environments and 2D sprites is called (it reminds me of the first Doom), but I would like to know more about it. :)  What engine is it made with? Is it Unity or something more specific?

I think the technical term is billboard, the game is made with Godot Engine, it's not made exclusively for making 2.5D games but it's quite easy to manage with

Thanks for the quick reply! I'll look into Godot! :D

Is terrain easy in Godot? I use Unity